Defects and Rejects




  • Defect is an unwanted feature in a product, or
  • Absence of a desired feature, or
  • A feature existing in distorted or wrong way.


  • A product becomes reject when it loses sales ability in the market.
  • Single defect in most visible area of an apparel may make the whole garment a reject.

Types of defects:

  • Non – sewing defects.
  • Sewing defects.

Non – sewing defects:

  • Defects due to faulty/sub-standard raw materials.
  • Defects due to wrong pattern.
  • Defects due to wrong spreading/cutting.
  • Defects due to poor handling of goods.
  • Defects due to oil marks.
  • Defects due to wrong ironing/folding/packing.

Sewing defects:

Proper appearance & performance of seam related with the following factors-

  • Stitch
  • Feed system
  • Proper selection of needle & thread etc.
  • During sewing the problems appear may be grouped as below—
  1. Problem of stitch formation.
  2. Seam pucker.
  3. Fabric damage along the seam line/stitch line.

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