Sequence of Garments Manufacturing

The total workflow of garments manufacturing (Industrial Process) can be shown in the following way. There might be some other processes included but the major operations are as included in the table.





01 Design or Sketch It comes from buyers to manufacturers containing detailed sketch including all measurements for a particular style. Manual/ Computerized
02 Basic Block Pattern according to exact shape & size of human body without any design or allowance. Manual/ Computerized
03 Working Pattern Pattern of that particular garment. Manual/ Computerized
04 Sample Making Making a sample for buyer’s approval. Manual
05 Basic Manufacturing Difficulties To set the critical path & the tough operations should be figured out. Manual
06 Approved Sample If there is any faults, then after rectifying faults, it is again sent to the buyer. If it is ok then it is called approved sample. Manual
07 Costing The price/dzn for a particular style is submitted to the buyer. Manual
08 Production Pattern Adjusted pattern for bulk production for every size, where working pattern is for only one size. Manual/ Computerized
09 Grading To make pattern of different sizes from master pattern. Manual/ Computerized
10 Marker Making Marker is a thin paper which contains all the components for different sizes for a particular style of garments to facilitate bulk cutting accordingly. (Full size/ Mini Marker)

Manual/ Computerized

11 Fabric Spreading To spread the fabric on cutting table by maintaining all the requisites of fabric spreading for proper cutting Manual/Powered/ Automatic
12 Fabric Cutting To cut the fabric according to the marker dimension. Manual/ Computerized
13 Sorting & Bundling


Sorting out the cut fabric according to size and for each size make individual bundle. Manual
                   Fusing/ Embroidery/ Printing  
14 Sewing

/ Assembling

To assemble the cut parts by means of sewing or any alternative method of joining according to the specific design and measurement. Manual (With the help of machine)
15 Ironing or Finishing The complete garments which are treated with steam ironing. Manual (By Steam Iron/Steam Press/Steam Tunnel)
16 Final Inspection (Factory) To check the garments whether they are according to the approved sample or not. Manual
17 Poly Packing Packed in polyethylene bags Manual
18 Cartoning After poly packing it should be placed in specific cartons to avoid any damage. Manual
19 Final Inspection by buyer or buyer’s representative Check the garments randomly according to the AQL of buyer by buying QC or any buyer nominated third party organization. Manual
20 Dispatch If the lot passes the final inspection, then the goods are dispatched to the port. Manual

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