Marker Efficiency

Marker Efficiency:

The ratio between the areas of all required patterns in the marker to the area of the marker which is expressed as a percentage is known as marker efficiency.

 Marker Efficiency     =     (Area of all patterns in the marker/  Total area of the marker)  X 100

The marker planner measures his success by the efficiency of the marker plan. Higher the marker efficiency, lower will be the fabric wastage & profit will be high.

 Factors Related To Marker Efficiency:

The following factors are related to marker efficiency

01. Marker Planner:

Marker efficiency depends on the experience, honesty, sincerity & technological knowledge of the planner. The more the number of markers practiced for a particular style, the more is the possibility to get higher efficiency.

02. Size of Garments:

The more the number of pattern sizes are included, the more possibility to get more efficiency, but excessive number of pattern sizes, may cause problem.

03. Marker Length:

Higher the marker length, higher will be the efficiency, but excessive marker length may cause a problem.

04. Pattern Engineering:

Marker efficiency can be increased by changing the pattern design (Suppose, a big component can be divided into two parts), but should be very careful about the final appearance.

05. Fabric Characteristics:

Symmetrical fabrics are those which are similar to all directions. Marker efficiency is good in those types of fabrics. However, marker efficiency will be less for asymmetrical fabrics. Especially in case of stripe & check fabrics, the tendency of lower marker efficiency is higher.

  • Symmetric fabric =   Marker Efficiency (Higher).
  • Asymmetric fabric =   Marker Efficiency (Lower).
  • In case of check & Stripe fabric ==   Marker Efficiency (Lower).

06. Marker Making Method:

Marker can be made by two methods. One is manual & other computerized. Computerized marker is more efficient when it is done interactively with the planner. So marker efficiency varies from method to method. Sometimes a skilled operator can make more efficient marker than computer.

07. Marker Width:

Marker width normally depends on the fabric width. The more the fabric width, this is easier to plan or make marker by the marker maker which will increase the efficiency. This may not be applicable for tubular fabric.

08. Style of Garments:

There are some garments which have only large patterns such as overcoat. If there is less number of small components, the marker will be less efficient. Because after placing large patterns, no small patter to place in the gaps. So the gaps remain unused and hence fabric wastage occurs.


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