Fabric Wastage outside the Marker

The maximum usage of the fabric is directly related to the marker efficiency. In spite of this few amount of fabric wastage occurs which is out of control of marker planning. The fabric wastage outside the marker is discussed below

01. Ends of Ply Losses:

Some allowances are needed the end of each pieces of fabric during spreading. Usually 2cm. in each end and on each ply 4 cm. wastage happened. This wastage varies with the fabric type and their durability. For this the wastage can be reduced by controlling carefully the allowance of the marker according to the fabric type. But this loss is less if marker length is higher and vice-versa.

02. Loss of Fabric in Roll:

Fabrics usually come in roll form in garments industries. There are the limitations of fabric length in each roll. Fabric spreading is done according to the marker length. Most of the time it is seen that fabrics are not exact to the multiple lays. For this reason at the end of the roll few amount of fabrics are always wasted as remnant which is cut. We can do splicing & the remaining portion should be reused to save fabric.

03. Selvedge Loss:

Each fabric has two selvedges which are avoided during placing marker on the fabric. Thus approximately 3% fabrics are wastage along width. This loss is less for higher fabric width. If the fabric is dimensionally stable, we can save some fabric by wasting 2% along width. Less fabric loss for higher fabric width.

04. Purchase Loss:

Fabric length is identified by fabric manufacturers and suppliers. Sometimes loss fabric is wound than the exact amount in the roll. So before purchasing the length should be measured. To get exact length, the fabric should be sourced only from reputed manufactures and suppliers.


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