Enzyme wash of Cotton Twill Short Pant

short pant

Wash Type: Enzyme + Softener Wash.

Item: 100 % Cotton Twill Short Pant.

Colour: W- Stone.

Quantity: 255 Pcs.

Weight: 120 Kg.



  • M:L@ 1: 6.67 (800 L)
  • Detergent (Hostapur WCTH) @ 0.25g/l (200 gm)
  • Time: 45o C
  • Temperature: 5 mins.


  • Acetic Acid @ 2.67 g/l (300 g)
  • PH = 6
  • Enzyme (Denimex CP 199) @ 2.67 g/l (300 g)
  • Temperature: 55o C
  • Time: 15 mins


Hot Wash: Only Water (800 L) [60o C X 5 mins]


Normal Wash: Only Water (800 L) [cold X 5 mins]


Normal Wash: Only Water (800 L) [Cold X 5 mins]



  • M:L @ 1: 3.33 (400 L)
  • Softener (Tubingal 1112) @1.5 g/l (600 gm)
  • Silicon (Resil Ultra 196) @ 1 g/l (400 gm)
  • Acetic Acid@ 0.75 g/l (300 gm)
  • PH = 5
  • Temperature: 40o C.
  • Time: 15 mins.


Hydro Extracting


Technical information on this recipe:

  • Hostapur WCTH is a mild detergent. I is used here not for cleaning purpose but used as a wetting agent to increase the wettability of the garments for the next subsequent processes.

  • Acetic Acid is used to keep the PH = 6 because the Enzyme used (Denimex CP 199) is a neutral enzyme and works best at PH = 6.

  • Hot wash is given to remove all the impurities produced at the abrade step precisely¬† and the subsequent Normal washes ensures better removal and prepare the garments well for the next processes.

  • At Softening M:L ratio is kept low than the other steps to ensure the best amount of penetration of the Softener and Silicon.

  • Tubingal 1112 is Non- Ionic Softener and Resil Ultra 196 is silicon. Softener is used to make the garments soft and Silicon is used to make the garments slippery.


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