Load and Capacity calculation for garments production planning

For an effective production planning and regarding taking order from buyer, one should know the capacity of his facility and the load what he is going to put. An equilibrium in load and capacity is necessary to fulfill the order in right time and ensure a timely delivery.


Garments Analysis for Production Planning:

  • Garments analysis is very important to make a production schedule or plan.
  • The same time we should have the idea about the operator’s capacity for particular operation so that the specific job will be completed smoothly.

During garments analysis we should check the following points very carefully:

  • Garments observations
  • Key seam quality areas by operation, stitch & seam construction and SPI
  • Point out how many operations are involved in the particular item.
  • Accordingly make a diagram of machine lay out.
  • Point out the critical operation where we can expect the “bottle neck” during production.
  • Considering bottle neck allow extra machines for that operation to keep production flow as you expect.
  • Find out the input operation and out put operation also.

Production Planning:

  • A successful planning requires knowledge of two variables to determine the time required for manufacturing a contract.
  1. Load – How much work we are putting on a section.
  2. Capacity – How much work a section is capable of completing.


In an ideal situation  [Load=Capacity]

Load and Capacity:

Load = Contract Size X Work Content (Total SMV of the Garment)


Contract size = Order Qty
Work Content = Total SMV of a garment

Capacity = Actual Minutes = No. of m/cs operators X working minutes x efficiency x presents %

For Example:
Operators                           = 24
Working minutes             = 8 hrs
Efficiency                            = 69.78%
Absenteeism                     = 5%
SMV                                      = 20.1
Contract Size                     = 5000 pcs

So, Load = 5000×20.1 =100500.00
Capacity = 24 x (8×60)x.6978 x .95 =7636.7232




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