Differences between Lean Manufacturing and Traditional Manufacturing


Traditional Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing
No. of equipment and people High Less
Factory space for same output High Less
Work in Progress (WIP) High Less
Defects High Less
Operational availability Less High
Production Lead time High Less
Inventory Inventory is good Inventory is WASTE
System schedule Push system scheduled internally Pull system scheduled by  CustomerRequirements
Focus Focus on Value-Add improvement(5%) Focus on Non-Value-Add WasteElimination (95%)
Direct labor cost High direct labor cost Direct labor cost is a small percentage of total labor cost
Cycle time Long cycle time Short cycle time
Production Production for inventory (Just In Case-JIC) Production on demand (Just In Time-JIT)
Inventory level High inventory levels (Raw, WIP, Finished) Inventory levels are radically reduced.
Production system Assembly line flow (Each worker performs one function) Cell production (Each operator performs multiple operations – multi skilled operators)
Cleanliness Messy, cluttered and dirty shop floor Spotless shop floor with visual management
Quality management Quality management through inspection and rework management of quality through prevention
Changes in production practice Infrequent changes in production practice Continuous changes to improve efficiency and productivity
Management layer Many layers of management Fewer layers of management
structure Not exactly team based structure Strong team based structure.

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