The process to remove unwanted crease & wrinkles & to produce crease in wanted/required area to give the garment a smooth, lusturious & fine appearance is known as pressing.

Pressing is also known as “Ironing”.

In technical sense, ‘pressing can be defined as a process which changes the geometric fibre structure of the area being pressed by the controlled application of heat, steam & pressure’.

In this sense, removing a crease from a garment involves the same change of fibre lay as that required to open a seam or to press a hem.

Pressing is a crucial process which imparts the final finish to a garment & present the garment attractively to the final customer.

So we can say that,

  • Pressing means ‘Shaping the materials’.
  • Pressing is affected by the application of heat & pressure for a certain time.
  • Steam, compressed air & suction can assist the process.
  • Steam is an effective medium of heating & also delivers moisture which is required for setting.
  • The setting effect is fixed by cooling which is happened by the suction or compressed air.

Classification of Pressing:

The total process of pressing can be divided into two groups of operations

  1. Under pressing.

  2. Top/Final/OFF pressing.

Under pressing:

For the precise opportunity of sewing the garments easily & firmly, the pressing is done on the garment parts during assembling is known as under pressing.

So we can say that,

  • Operations performed on garment parts during making up are known as under pressing.
  • Under pressing is Required to improve the accuracy of sewing.
  • Under pressing is required for Flattening of edge (Like pocket corners) before joining.
  • Also required before collar & cuff joining.

Top/Final/OFF pressing:

  • Final operation performed on fully assembled garments.
  • Has great impact on the final product & its acceptance to the final buyer.

Objects of Pressing:

1. Removal of unwanted crease/wrinkles:

During garments making, wrinkles may occur in garments for different reasons, but these crease/ wrinkles are not desired. Crease/wrinkle may be found in garments after washing & drying. To remove these unwanted creases & wrinkles pressing is done.

2. To apply crease where necessary:

Sometimes crease is necessary in the garments to increase the beauty. Crease is required before & after sewing also . Pressing is done in the desired place/ area of the garments for required crease.

3. Shaping:

Dart & seam are used to make garments properly fit with the shape of human body. To make these darts more attractive pressing is done & Called shaping. The part of garment may have to be shrunk or stretched for shaping.

For shaping, pressing machine with special bed is used.


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