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Pumice stones used in Denim Washing


Pumice-StonePumice Stone is a volcanic rock that consists of highly vesicular or perforated volcanic glass.Pumice Stone is created when super-heated and highly pressurized rock is violently erupted from a volcano.

The unusual foamy configuration of pumice happens because of simultaneous rapid cooling and rapid de-pressurization. Pumice Stone float on water. Pumice Stone commonly originated from Indonesia and Turkey. Different sizes of Pumice Stones are available, such as 2-5 cm which known as small Pumice Stone. 3-5 cm which known as medium size Pumice Stone. And 5-7cm which is known as Large size Pumice Stone.

The hardness of Pumice Stone in Mohr scale is 6. The melting temperature of Pumice Stone is 15000˚ C and pH value is 8 and the density is 2.313g/cm3. Read the rest of this entry


Laser engraving of Denim

The process of laser marking of denim apparels which act as a replacement of existing dry processes which are health hazardous for the operators and for the end users as well.

Enzyme wash of Cotton Twill Short Pant

short pant

Wash Type: Enzyme + Softener Wash.

Item: 100 % Cotton Twill Short Pant.

Colour: W- Stone.

Quantity: 255 Pcs.

Weight: 120 Kg.



  • M:L@ 1: 6.67 (800 L)
  • Detergent (Hostapur WCTH) @ 0.25g/l (200 gm)
  • Time: 45o C
  • Temperature: 5 mins.


  • Acetic Acid @ 2.67 g/l (300 g)
  • PH = 6
  • Enzyme (Denimex CP 199) @ 2.67 g/l (300 g)
  • Temperature: 55o C
  • Time: 15 mins

Drain Read the rest of this entry

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