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Introduction to Warp Knitting

Warp knitting:
• In a warp knitted structure, each loop in the horizontal direction is made from a different thread and the number of threads used to produce such a fabric is at least equal to the number of loops in a horizontal row.
• In warp knitting, the thread runs thoroughly in a vertical direction

Weft knitting:
• In a weft knitted structure, a horizontal row of loops can be made by using one thread and thread runs in horizontal direction.

Knitting                Knitting-2 

• Warp guides are thin metal plates drilled with a hollow in their lower end through which a warp end may be threaded if required, they are held together at their upper end in a metal lead and are spaced in it to the cam gauge as the m/c
• The leads in turn are attached to a guide bar so that the guides hang down from it with each one occupying a position at least midway between two adjacent needles in this position. The warp thread cannot be received by the needles and it will merely produce a straight vertical float. Read the rest of this entry

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